What's The Spring Trend of 2021

Here are 3 hairstyles for spring. As we get into the warmer months we start looking for a change in our hair. So what's the spring trend? We all love to try new things, but sometimes we are too nervous to try something new because what we love may be completely different from what we have now or completely out of our comfort zone.  

 Whenever we want a change we start looking at pictures for ideas. We start searching for what the new trend is on hair cuts, styles and colors. 

 Here are 3 new trends for Spring 2021.


       1. Balayage


A lot of the time when we get into the winter months people change their hair to dark colors. A warm dark brown or a darker shade of blonde. The reason is that in the winter months the air becomes dry with no moisture for your hair to grasp during the day, causing your hair to look dull and lifeless. When you change your hair to a darker color it helps make it appear healthier while also giving your hair a break from bleaching services. Once we get into the warmer days of spring it becomes the perfect time to start going lighter, But not a bright blonde, more of a caramel blonde, and doing a balayage is the perfect way to bring the blonde back into your life. 

 What is it about balayage that we love?

Balayage is the perfect way to gradually bring change into your hair in a natural-looking way. When you do balayage a painting effect is done so that your hair gives off a gradual colour change or if you choose a bold one, therefore never going straight up to your roots like it would if you did highlights. One of the best things about balayage is you can have fun with doing any colour, like rose gold.


           2. Angled Bob

The angled bob has made a big comeback as far as hair cuts go and here's why.


The angled bob is a cute style that is short in the back and long in the front. There are various types of angled bobs but the most common ones are graduated bobs, a-line bobs, inverted bobs, and asymmetrical bobs. This style works well for all hair types and has many styling options. Although it's one of the most popular styles, there are plenty of ways to add a twist to make it unique to you.

         3. Bangs     

Bangs have always been around but this year the curtain bang has made its mark.

What is so great about the curtain bang?

For starters, the curtain bang fits any face shape and is great for bringing character into your style. You can wear them long or short sweeping or textured to immediately refresh your look without having to commit to a full chop.
You can have a lot of fun styling your hair with curtain bangs. For example, if you wear your hair up you can keep some pieces out to make a cute fun look while creating shape in your face. Curtain bangs are also great for anyone looking for low maintenance since curtain bangs can be worn at any length it makes fewer trips to your stylist for a bang trim unlike the straight across bangs where if they get too long they start to get in your eyes.

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