Summers in the Air

Do you have curly hair? Do you struggle to keep the frizz away or under control? What can you do to help?

In the summer we sometimes struggle to keep our hair "under control" as we say. It's frizzy, you cant keep the fly away's at bay, you wearing a hat to cover it up or just putting it in a ponytail.

Here are some products and hairstyles that can help.

It's always best to help your hair in the summer by using a product that helps seal your hair from everyday elements such as UV Rays. How do UV Rays affect the hair?

The sun can be good for your hair, as Vitamin D from sunlight boosts the production of keratin, but if your hair becomes overexposed, it will give the opposite effect. UV rays lift the hair cuticles causing them to weaken the hydrolipidic film protecting them. Loss of keratin and hair fiber makes the hair become drier and thinned out.

You can help your hair by using leave-in conditioners and oils.
Leave-in Conditioners can have many benefits for your hair. They have thermal protection, UV protection, frizz control, adds hydration, and help's detangle the hair. Adding oil into your hair is the seal that locks everything in while giving extra hydration in one.

What are ways you can style your hair? Curly, half-up styles, and up-do styles.

If your someone with naturally curly hair that always gets frizzy in the summertime due to the humidity, you can help lock in your curls by using a good leave-in conditioner and a curling iron. While your hair is dry take a curling iron and curl the top layer of your hair. By leaving the bottom half you are still keeping the natural texture of your curls, giving your hair the natural messy look. When you curl the top half rotate the direction of the curls in every other section.

Everyone loves a good half-up, half-down hairstyle. curly or straight one of the top favorite half-up styles is a messy bun. If you have curly hair or you curled it, take the top half and scrunch it up in your hand and tie it up. Play around with some strands and spread out some pieces, the same thing applies when your hair is straight. Remember it's meant to look messy.

Who doesn't love an everyday up-do. A beautiful style goes to the braids.
When you do braided hairstyles they never always look the same, some are messy some are tight and put together, and just the placement can always be different. A simple braid down the middle of the head or one of the favorites is boxer braids. Another style is a low braided bun with the braids stretched out. Doing so makes your hair look fuller while also giving yourself an elegant look.

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