Hair Care Routine


Do you have a hair care routine? or are you trying to get into a hair care routine? Getting into a hair care routine is like trying to find the best skincare routine.

Everyone has different types of hair. You may have curly hair, fine hair, or coarse hair. Your hair may be straight, wavy, curly, or kinky.

All hair types have their ups and downs. Straight hair tends to become flat and oily quicker than someone who has curly hair, as curly hair is naturally dry.
So what does that mean?

Well someone with curly hair will need products that have more moisturizing benefits. As curly hair tends to become more and more frizzy throughout the day, hydrating products help to tame the frizz while making your curls look healthy and full of life. Compared to someone with naturally straight hair they are usually looking for products to give their hair volume and to help keep the oils away so that they aren't having to wash their hair every day.
What else do you need to keep in mind?

Has your hair been bleached, coloured, or otherwise chemically processed?

People who colour their hair are recommended to stay away from washing their hair every day. The more you colour your hair the quicker your hair colour will fade.

If you have bleached hair your hair will need something more moisturizing and nourishing. As hair is bleached the cuticle is getting stripped to the desired level of lift. When the cuticle gets damaged you are stripping the natural oils in your hair which takes away its protective shield.

Knowing what the problem is with your hair and how to help it is half the task. The rest is finding out the best solution for you.

Cleansing cleans the hair from any product build-up and some of the natural oils. Whereas conditioning helps to coat the hair with a replenishing action to moisturize the strands that shampoo has stripped away. Conditioning also helps to detangle, add shine and reduce frizz.
Those who have curly hair tend to rely on a two-step program best described as moisturizing and seal.

To add extra hydration into your hair using a leave-in conditioning lotion, cream or spray to give your hair the best results.

Leave-in conditioners have many benefits. They work as a thermal protectant for those who like to use styling tools on their hair and it also helps protect the hair from the natural everyday UV radiation.
Once your hair is styled and ready for your day sometimes its best to add oil to your hair. Doing so will fully seal your hair with the nutrients it needs, just like when you do your skincare routine you always apply the face cream last. By adding the face cream last it helps your skin to fully lock-in all the ingredients that you added. The same goes for your hair when you finish off with adding oil or for those who have naturally oily hair your leave-in conditioner on the ends will do the same.

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